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About the Congress

About what?



    Businesses which are responsible and truly needed by people have capabilities and resources that enable them to change the world for the better.



    This is a discussion about hard and soft resources. About the value of intellectual potential, innovation, creativity and opening up to social needs. About the role of know-how and the culture of contributing to value generation and about outstanding brands creating real culture rather than advertising pulp-fiction.



    Public space is where the needs of human beings, the natural environment and business world come into contact. Sustainable cooperation creates space which is nice to live in and work. Achieving a balance is a difficult and complex yet feasible process. We will create cities that purposefully control and plan their development based on humanistic and environment-friendly approach.

For who

  • For business

    For business:

    How to live the principles of economy based on social values in your own industry



    How to optimally build your relationships with consumers based on the new model:



    How to better use your social and business potential



    How to effectively work with business to benefit the society



    How to plan your development and future to make the most optimum use of your potential



    How to effectively contribute to building positive relationships between the society, business and public institutions

Programme Council



  • Professor Danuta Hübner, PhD

    Professor Danuta Hübner, PhD


    A Member of the European Parliament. The Chairwoman of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament of the 8th cadence.
    The first Polish Commissary in the European Union.
    In years 2009 - 2014 the Chairman of the Committee on Regional Development by the European Parliament.
    A former Minister of European Affairs, a former Head of the European Integration Committee.
    In 2011 she was appointed the “Prime Minister” of the Shadow Cabinet of the Congress of Women.
    She graduated from the Department of Foreign Trade of the Central School of Planning and Statistics (now: the Warsaw School of Economics). In 1974 she completed doctoral studies at the same University, in 1980 she completed habilitation and in 1992 she was awarded the title of Professor in Economics from the President of the Republic of Poland.

  • Professor Jerzy Hausner

    Professor Jerzy Hausner

    Originator of the Firm-Idea The University of Economics

  • Mateusz Zmyślony

    Mateusz Zmyślony

    Originator of the Firm-Idea Eskadra

  • Agnieszka Odorowicz

    Agnieszka Odorowicz


    An economist and manager of culture, a graduate of the Krakow University of Economics. In years 2001 – 2009 she was an academic employee of the Department of Trade and Market Institutions of the Krakow University of Economics, an author of publications on the culture management, culture economy and the promotion of regions. The authorities of the University appointed her in 2002 – 2004 as a Director of the Centre of Development and Promotion of the Krakow University of Economics. In years 2003 – 2004 she was a plenipotentiary of the Minister of Culture for Structural Funds, responsible for negotiations with the European Commission devoted to the use of EU funds for the cultural infrastructure development. In years 1997 – 2003 the Artistic Director of the International Competition of Contemporary Chamber Music, a producer of several tens of programmes for public TV, a programme director of the Student Song Festival and “Pod Jaszczurami” Club. In years 2004 - 2005 she held a function of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture; she was responsible for the Legal Department, the Economic Department, the European Affairs and the Cooperation with the Parliament. At the same time, she was a chairwoman of an interdepartmental Team for State Policy in the field of media. In 2005 – 2010, she was the first Director of the Polish Institute of Film Arts founded pursuant to the Act on cinematography. In 2010 she was appointed, again, in the competition for the same position; she managed the Polish Institute of Film Arts by October 2015. A member of numerous international industry organisations, a social activist, a signatory of the Pact for Culture, a member of the Pact for Culture Team by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, a member of the Programme Council of the Congress of Women. A laureate of many industry awards and distinctions. In 2011 awarded with the Officer Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland for the support of Polish culture.

  • Maria Wiśniewska

    Maria Wiśniewska


    An economist, manager, academic lecturer, from the very beginning connected with Polish banking sector, at first, in the National Bank of Poland (NBP) in Poznań, then as a co-organizer and the Vice-President of Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy SA.; in 1997 the President of the Investment Funds Association “Skarbiec TFI”. In years 1998 - 2003 the President of Pekao S.A. Bank. A merger of four banks within the Pekao S.A. Group under her leadership, and then the privatisation and internal restructuration of the Bank, made it the largest as for the capital resources and most efficient bank in Central and Eastern Europe.

    In years 2008–2012 the President of the Management Board of the Corporation of European Pharmaceutical Distribution (CEPD) N.V. with the registered office in Amsterdam. Currently, a lecturer of leadership sociology at the Department of Artes Liberales of the Warsaw University.

    She was recognised on the list of the most influential women of Europe published by the “Wall Street Journal” twice. In 2003 she got on the Stars of Europe list of the “Business Week” weekly.

    The author of “Scenes from the bank life” book.

  • Piotr Voelkel

    Piotr Voelkel


    A businessman, an engineer, an art connoisseur, a promoter of Polish design, and a patron of many cultural and educational projects.
    A co-owner of the Vox Capital Group of companies within the interior design and decorating industry.
    The founder of the School of Form – the first international College of Design in Poland. The curriculum is based on an authorial programme of Lidewij Edelkoort.
    The co-founder of the SWPS University and Da Vinci Collegium. The co-author of the Concordia Design – a centre of design and creativity in Poznań. The founder of the Vox-Artis Foundation for the Promotion of Polish Contemporary Art and Design.
    The CEO of the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts in the Wielkopolska Region (WTZSP), the collection of which is the permanent exhibition of contemporary arts in the National Museum in Poznań. All his activities are in line with the common idea of development meeting the human needs - HUMAN TOUCH.

  • Przemysław Pohrybieniuk

    Przemysław Pohrybieniuk


    A graduate of the Department of International Affairs at the Warsaw University; also with a MSc in the Responsibility and Business Practice in the Management School of the University of Bath (Great Britain).
    The Managing Director of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Poland and Baltic Countries.
    He manages a team responsible for the dynamic development of the organisation in Poland and Baltic Countries. He is focused on building a strong brand of ACCA as a leading international educational institution that develops top specialists in the fields of finances, accountancy and management. Along with the team and his business partners he takes care of the members and students of the organisation so as they can remain competitive at the labour market and successfully hold top professional positions.
    He has over twenty years of experience in the management at various levels and in various industries, starting from non-profit organisations, through consulting companies to the FMCG sector. For the last ten years he has been a Member of the Management Board of Danone, responsible for corporate affairs, public relations, communication and sustainable development. Earlier, involved in the development of CSR movement in Poland as a Vice-President for External Affairs in the Responsible Business Forum. Furthermore, he held a function of the Vice-President of the Polish Federation of Food Industry.
    Before, he was employed in PricewaterhouseCoopers in Warsaw as the Director of Marketing Communication and Business Development (1997–2003).

  • Elżbieta Koterba

    Elżbieta Koterba

    Vice-President of the City of Krakow The Municipal Office in Kraków

  • Jarosław Chołodecki

    Jarosław Chołodecki


    A founder member, and now, the Vice-President of the Management Board of Family Businesses (Inicjatywa Firm Rodzinnych), an initiator and organiser of annual meetings of family companies u-Rodziny. In November 2013 he was the initiator and organiser of a Conference of Family Businesses in the Presidential Palace, with the participation of the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski.
    The owner of Chopin B&B in Warsaw, a co-founder of the Smolna Foundation, an initiator and co-organizer of the annual week of concerts to celebrate Chopin’s birthday anniversary. An initiator of many social actions that promote activities of local communities.
    From September 1980 in the “Solidarity” Movement; under the martial law he was detained. A co-initiator and co-publisher of underground papers “Interwal” in Nysa and “Kret” in Uherce.
    In 1983 emigrated to the USA. An activist of the Community of Scattered Members of the “Solidarity” Movement and a journalist. A co-founder of the Polish - American Business Forum. In 1997 returned to Poland.
    A graduate of the University of Economics in Wroclaw and the University of Chicago.

  • Waldemar Dubaniowski

    Waldemar Dubaniowski


    A public servant (namely, a manager of public administration), a graduate of the Warsaw University, the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and the first edition of the National School of Public Administration. He started his carrier in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and then, in the EU Integration and Foreign Assistance Office and as an Adviser to the Minister in the Council of Ministers’ Committee on Economy. In 1996 appointed as the Group Director of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Poland and in 2005 appointed by President Aleksander Kwaśniewski as the Head of the President’s Cabinet. Before, he was involved in the issues of electronic media, holding a 5-year cadence as a Member of the National Broadcasting Council, he worked as a CEO of Exatel S.A., a telecommunications company, and he held a function of the President of the Polish Tennis Society. In 2008 he was appointed the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Singapore where in 2012 he was elected as the Dean of the entire Diplomatic Corps. At present, a Director in an international consulting company – PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). At the same time, in 2015, he was a mentor in a prestigious project entitled “Mentor 4 Starters”. Additionally, he has experience related to work for supervisory boards of large companies, among others: PZU SA and PKP.SA.

  • Krzysztof Dudek

    Krzysztof Dudek


    A lawyer, former Director of the National Culture Centre. Born in 1967 in Wieluń, where he completed Primary School no. 1 and High School of Tadeusz Kościuszko. He graduated from Law Studies at the Department of Law and Administration of the Lodz University. After completing the apprenticeship, he opened his own legal practice.
    As a student, in 1987, he joined – still illegal at that time – the Independent Students’ Association (NZS) and was an active member by 1992, when he graduated. He was the Vice-Chairman of NZS at the Lodz University and he was a member of the State Authorities of the Association. A member of the Orange Alternative Movement. As a member of illegal organisations, in opposition to the communist authorities, he was several times detained by the Militia and the Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
    From March 2007 to January 2016 he was the Director of the National Centre of Culture.
    The National Centre of Culture under his management was awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage with an Annual Honorary Award for 2010. In 2012, a social and educational action “Mother language - mark it as favourite” organised by NCK was asserted as the best campaign of the year among the campaigns organised by public institutions.
    Krzysztof Dudek is an initiator of such social actions, as: "I remember. Katyń 1940”, "Right to Culture” or "Mother language - mark it as favourite”. He received many awards, inter alia, the Silver Cross of Merit, the Medal for the Merits for the World Association of Home Army Soldiers, the Medal of Honour “For the Merits for the Association of Siberian Deportees”.

  • Krzysztof Ingarden

    Krzysztof Ingarden


  • Paweł Jabłoński

    Paweł Jabłoński


    Since 2006 the Vice Managing Editor of “Rzeczpospolita”, responsible for the business section of the paper (“Economy and Markets”) and extras: “My Money” and “Real Estate”. He started his carrier as a journalist in 1987. He has worked for “Rzeczpospolita” since 1991, with a half-year episode (in 1995) in “Gazeta Bankowa”. An author of several economic ranking lists, such as: the List of 2000 Polish Businesses, the Ranking of Self-Government Authorities, the Ranking of Exporters and the Ranking of Polish Brands.
    He has been a Member of the Committee for the Business Award of the President of the Republic of Poland since its reactivation by President Bronisław Komorowski. Since November 2015 he is also the Managing Editor of “Uważam Rze”.

  • Sławomir Kopeć

    Sławomir Kopeć


  • Filip Kowalik

    Filip Kowalik


    A journalist specialising in economic and urban issues, working for Forbes for over 10 years. Earlier, for five years (1998 - 2002) he worked for Gazeta Bankowa. The beginnings of his professional carrier were at the capital market, in WDM Eastbrokers (1995 - 1998), where he was employed in the primary markets section, being responsible for public offerings of companies. He was also working in the film, theatrical and TV production (2002 - 2005).
    He is a co-founder of Modern People Association (Stowarzyszenie Ludzi Nowoczesnych) (since 2014) – an organisation involved in the promotion of modernity and modern acting methods, by means of such projects as Miasto2077.
    He studied at the Department of Physics, the Institute of Classical Studies and the Department of Philosophy of the Warsaw University.

  • Jacek Krupa

    Jacek Krupa


    Born on 11 April 1955 in Skawina, a Polish politician, economist, official of local government authorities, and a Member of Parliament of the 5th and 6th cadence.
    He graduated from the Department of Marketing and Management of the University of Economics in Krakow. In 1981 a Member of the Solidarity Movement, a leader of a plant commission in Aluminium Steelworks in Skawina.
    From 1990 to 1998 he held the function of the Mayor of the Town and the Commune of Skawina, and then, for four years he worked as a Vice-Starost of the Krakow Poviat. In years 2002 and 2005 he held the position of Krakow Starost.
    In 2005 he was elected a Member of Parliament for the 5th cadence from the Krakow district. In the Parliamentary Elections in 2007, he was re-elected as a Member of Parliament.
    He participated in the work of the Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry Committee and in the 6th cadence he was a Member of the Infrastructure Commission and Vice-President of the Administration and Internal Affairs Committee. Since November 2011 he has held a function of the Vice-President of the Technological Park in Krakow (a company managing the Special Economic Zone of the Technological Park in Krakow).
    In the Management of the Malopolskie Province since May 2012. On 9 November 2015 he was appointed as the Marshal of the Malopolskie Province.

  • Rafał Kulczycki

    Rafał Kulczycki


  • Marek Liskiewicz

    Marek Liskiewicz


  • Andrzej Malinowski, PhD

    Andrzej Malinowski, PhD


    A PhD in Economics, a graduate of the University of Economics in Poznań. Since 2001 the President of Employers of the Republic of Poland Association – the oldest and the largest employers’ association in Poland which brings together over 10 thousand enterprises that give work to over 5 million employees.
    He used to work for the government authorities, inter alia, as an Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Services and an Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Economy. In 1996, the Prime Minister appointed him a Plenipotentiary for the Current Affairs of the Ministry of Economy, and then, he was appointed the Secretary of State. As a Member of Parliament he held the function of the Vice-President of the Commission for Foreign Economic Relations and many managerial positions in commercial code companies. He was a Member of the National Development Council, appointed by the President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Kaczyński.
    His major professional achievements in the governmental administration include the co-authoring of the concept and organisation of the Ministry of the Economy. This unusually important sector of Polish economy was operating in the form authored by him until it was transformed into the Ministry of Development.
    Andrzej Malinowski was a Member of the Polish Seym delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. As a leader of Polish employers, he was the Chairman of BIAC Polska – an Advisory Committee for Industry and Trade by OECD. A representative of Polish employers in the European Economic and Social Committee. In 2005 he was appointed the first Vice-President of the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services. He is also a representative of the Employers of the Republic of Poland in the International Organisation of Employers (IOE). In 2013 he was appointed the Chairman of the International Coordination Council of Employers’ Associations for the cadence of 2014-2015. He held the function of the Vice-Chairman of the Social Dialogue Council and he manages the operation of the task-oriented Team for Economic Policy and Labour Market by the Social Dialogue Council.
    Andrzej Malinowski has been awarded with the Commanders’ Cross with the Star of the Order of Polonia Restituta and other state awards as well as the Order of a Smile awarded for bringing joy to children.

  • Roman Młodkowski

    Roman Młodkowski


    Business consultant (Corporate Internal Communication, Strategic Communication and General Management in Media). Creator, Head of News and Director of franchise TVN CNBC (2007–2013). Head of Business Desk TVN24 (2001–2007) . Multi award winning journalist (incl. Kisiel, Fikus and Grand Press awards in 2006). IESE Business School alumnus (Warsaw AMP 2009) and MSc Political Science Warsaw University. Author of multiple TV formats, including Firma (TVN24 2003–2009).

  • Paweł Potoroczyn

    Paweł Potoroczyn

    Former Director  

    A diplomat, a manager of culture, an editor and a film and music producer. Since 2008 the Director of the Institute of Adam Mickiewicz. A graduate of the Department of Philosophy of the Warsaw University; also studied at the Department of History of the Warsaw University. He started his public service in 1992 as the President of the Management Board of Polish Information Agency (PAI) and the diplomatic carrier as a Consul for Culture in the General Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles. In 2000 he launched the Institute of Polish Culture in New York as its first Director. In 2005 he was appointed the Director of Polish Institute in London. A founder member of the Lincoln Center Global Exchange in New York. He published, among others, in “Rzeczpospolita”, “Tygodnik Powszechny” and “Brief”. In 2013 he published a novel entitled “Human Thing” (W.A.B. Publishing).

  • Professor Jerzy Andrzej Sładek, PhD. Eng.

    Professor Jerzy Andrzej Sładek, PhD. Eng.


    He was born in Krakow and graduated from the High School no. 1 of B. Nowodworski. He graduated from the Department of Mechanics at the Krakow Technical University.
    His professional, academic didactic and organisational activities are connected with metrology, in particular with coordinate metrology. He was creating the specialisation as a pioneer in the country, fighting for its academic status. He organised the Laboratory of Coordinate Metrology – one of the major laboratories in Europe that functions as a self-contained unit of the Mechanical Department, M10, a Calibration Laboratory certified by PCA.
    He is an active participant of international forums as a member of scientific associations, such as IMEKO TC14 or EUSPEN. He has succeeded to complete agreements with the University in Heidelberg and the Ecol Central De Lyon. He is the Head of the Scientific Committee of the oldest international conference in his area of specialisation – the Coordinate Measurement Technique. He has been a lecturer in Spain and Germany. He has run three large European R&D projects and several national ones. He is an author of almost 400 publications and academic works, including 3 scientific books. Only in the last 4 years he published 14 articles in the Philadelphia List publications (List A, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education). He is an author of a fundamental book published by a recognised publishing house - Springer (Coordinate Metrology Accuracy of Systems and Measurements – Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg).
    He is a renowned person in the country. For several cadences he has been a Member and Scientific Secretary of the Committee on Machine Building of the Polish Academy of Sciences. His top scientific position is confirmed by entrusting him many doctoral theses, habilitation theses and evaluations of scientific achievements for review by other scientific units and the Central Commission for Academic Titles. He has already promoted 6 doctors of technical sciences and 4 further doctorial theses are under process.
    In his academic work he held the following positions: the Vice-Director of the Institute of Machine Technology and Production Automation, the Manager of the Metrology and Technical Supervision Department, the Manager of Self-Contained Plant of Automated Systems of Quality Assurance and the Manager of Coordinate Metrology Laboratory – a self-contained unit of the Mechanical Department. He is a Member of the Senate of Krakow Technical University.
    Professor Sładek initiated the foundation of a new faculty at the Mechanical Department – the Industrial Design Engineering – which is unique in Poland – to address the global demand for designers with engineering competences. For many years he has been a tutor of the Production Management and Engineering, a manager of the faculties of the Quality Assurance Systems and Coordinate Metrology and the Quality Management Systems.
    In years 1997 - 2003 he participated in the creation of the Krakow Special Economic Zone – Krakow Technological Park, as its Vice-President.

  • Stanisław Sorys

    Stanisław Sorys


    He was born on 18 February 1961 in Lichwin. He is a graduate of the Department of Law and Public Administration in Rzeszow of the University of Public Administration and Management in Przemysl.
    On 29 May 2009 he presented his doctoral thesis at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw, at the Department of Historical and Social Science and with the resolution of the Department Council of 1 June 2009 he was awarded the title of PhD in Sociology. On 10 March 2015 at the Department of Greek Catholic at the University of Presov he successfully presented his habilitation thesis. On 2 June 2015 the Scientific Council of the University of Presov awarded him a title of habilitated PhD in Humanistic Studies.
    In years 1998 - 2002 he held the function of the Councillor of the Tarnów Poviat and within the scope of his responsibilities he was largely involved in the issues of public safety. From November 2002 to December 2006 he held the function of the Village Mayor of Plesna Commune.
    On 28 December 2007 he was appointed the Vice-Governor of the Malopolskie Region by the Prime Minister, Donald Tusk. Within the scope of his competencies he was responsible for the issues of agriculture, by supervising the Department of Organisation and Supervision of the Province Office of the Malopolskie Region within the control and supervision of the work of eight units of combined administration.
    In the election to the local authorities in 2010, he was elected the Councillor of the Malopolskie Province. At the time of accepting the Councillor's mandate on 1 December 2010, Stanisław Sorys resigned from the position of the Vice-Governor of the Malopolskie Region. At the first session of the Regional Council of the Malopolskie Province, on 2 December 2010, Stanislaw Sorys was elected a Member of the Management Board of the Malopolskie Province. His competencies included as follows: the implementation and management of the regional operational programme, the European territorial cooperation, geodesy and the development of rural areas (including the implementation of PROW).
    After the election to the local authorities in 2014, he was re-elected as the Councillor of the Malopolskie Province. On 29 November he was appointed the Vice-Marshal of the Malopolskie Province.
    He is married and has two sons. He is interested in history and philosophy. He likes active recreation – skiing in winter, mountaineering, swimming and biking tourism in summer.

  • Aneta Wilmańska

    Aneta Wilmańska


    A graduate of the Economic and Sociological Department of the Lodz University (2000). She completed post-graduate European Studies at the Lodz University (2001) and the Doctoral Managerial Studies at the Warsaw University (2012).
    In years 2011 - 2013 the Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Environment, responsible for the system of financing investments in environmental and water management sectors, including the state funds, EU funds (POIiŚ) and the funds coming from the sale of CO2 emission rights pursuant to the Protocol of Kyoto; the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (2012–2014). Earlier, since 2008, the Vice-President of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) responsible for research and analyses for the sector of Medium and Small Companies, the implementation of support instruments from EU resources within the framework of the Innovative Economy Programme and Human Resource Development Operational Programme. In years 2001-2008 she was employed in the Ministry of Economy, being responsible for programming and management of EU resources (SPO-WKP2004-2006 and POIG2007-2013) and coordinating the Lisbon process in Poland (the National Reform Programme). Currently, an adviser of EBI, InfraLinx Capital for public policy.

  • Edwin Bendyk

    Edwin Bendyk


  • Tomasz Wojtas

    Tomasz Wojtas


  • Jacek Wójcicki

    Jacek Wójcicki


    A graduate of the Department of Economic Science and Management at the Szczecin University, the undergraduate studies at the Department of Recreation Organisation and Services and Public Tourism of the State Higher Vocational School in Gorzów and the postgraduate studies at the Department of Couching at the Poznań School of Banking, the Department of Human Resources Management at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, the Department of Marketing and Political Advisory Services at the Warsaw University, the Department of Public Relations of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the Crisis Management and Civil Defence at the Higher Business School in Gorzow.
    In years 2006–2014 he was the Village Mayor of the Deszczno Commune, the Vice-President of the Board of the Association of Presidents, Mayors and Village Mayors of the Lubuskie Province (since 2011), the Vice-Chairman of the Management Board of the Special Municipalities Union MG-6 (since 2011), the Councilman and the Chairman of the Safety Committee of the Deszczno Commune Council (2002–2006), a Member of the Monitoring Committee for the Regional Operational Programme for the Lubuskie Province appointed by Pro Europa Viadrina Euroregion and the Information Society Committee of the Lubuskie Province.

    A fireman - rescuer, a member of the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Deszczno and a voluntary of the “Mam Marzenie” Foundation; he managed aid for flood victims and co-organised recreation for children from a flooded commune of Gabin.

    He was awarded with a Bronze Medal for the Merits in Police, a Bronze Medal for the Merits for the National Defence and a Silver Medal for the Merits for Fire-Fighting. In 2010 he won second place in the popularity contest held by Puls Biznesu as a “Member of Local Government in 2010”; two years later he was awarded the Regional Manager of Local Authorities in the same contest.

Why is it worth?


    Intellectual battles –confrontations
    of different viewpoints


    Case studies and best practice. Lecturers include change leaders from IKEA, UNILEVER and SKANSKA

  • networking

    Meetings and sessions with CEOs of major companies


    Themed exhibitions in context


prof. dr Wiktor Askanas

prof. dr Wiktor Askanas

Judge Canadian Competition Tribunal

Judge of the Canadian Competition Tribunal, Professor Emeritus at University of New Brunswick Canada, Professor of Strategic Management at L.Kozminski Academy, Founding Member of the Polish Institute of Directors, v-ce Chairman of the Board of Directors New Brunswick Management Investment Corporation, member of the EFNI Programme Council, former Dean and CEO of International Management Center Budapest, former Chairman and member of the OFE PZU Supervisory Board, author of more than 150 publications. Recipient of Knight and Officer Orders of Merit RP.

Salvatore Babones

Salvatore Babones

University of Sydney

Salvatore Babones is an associate professor of sociology and social policy at the University of Sydney. He is the author or editor of ten books and more than two dozen academic research papers applying comparative methods to the study of the international political economy. He also writes extensively on international affairs and is a member of Foreign Affairs magazine's "China Brain Trust."

Brunon Bartkiewicz

Brunon Bartkiewicz

CEO ING Bank Śląski

Brunon Bartkiewicz has been connected with ING Bank Śląski and ING since the early 90s. In 1994 he was appointed the first Vice-President, acting CEO. Next year, he was appointed the CEO of Bank Śląski. In 2000, for the subsequent four years, he held a function of the General Manager and a member of the Management Board in ING Direct NV. In 2004 he was appointed CEO of Bank Śląski. In 2010 he became the Member of the General Management Team in ING Direct, where he was accountable for, inter alia, operations in Spain, Italy, France, GB and Australia. Since 2012 he has been supervising the operations of ING in France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Romania and Turkey. Since mid - 2014 he has held the function of a Chief Innovation Officer in the ING Group.
Brunon Bartkiewicz graduated from the Department of Foreign Trade of the Central School of Planning and Statistics (SGH), where in the 80s he was employed as an academic researcher. He participated in trainings in management and banking, inter alia, CEDEP - Insead France and the Executive Program at the Graduate School of Business of the Stanford University.

prof. dr hab. Marek Belka

prof. dr hab. Marek Belka

The CEO of the National Bank of Poland

Professor Marek Belka was born on 9 January 1952 in Lodz.
Having graduated from the Faculty of Economy of the University of Lodz in 1972 he was employed by the same University in the Department of Economy. In 1978 obtained a scientific title of doctor, and in 1986 - habilitation. Since 1986 associated with the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In years 1978–1979 and 1985–1986 he was delegated to an academic training in the University of Columbia and the University of Chicago, while in 1990 to the London School of Economics. In 1994 he was awarded with the academic title of a professor of economics.
Since 1990s he has held many important public functions, both in Poland and abroad. In 1990 he was appointed an advisor and consultant for the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Poland and then, the Ministry of Ownership Transformation and Central Planning Office. In 1996 he was appointed a consultant in the World Bank. In years 1994–1996 he held a function of a Vice-Chairman of the Council for the Social and Economic Strategy by the Ministry Council and then an economic adviser of the President of the Republic of Poland.
He held a function of a Deputy Prime Minister and a Minister of Finances twice: in 1997, in the government formed by Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, and in years 2001-2002, in the government formed by Leszek Miller. In years 2004 - 2005 the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland.
Since 2006 Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), and since November 2008 Director of the European Department of the International Monetary Fund. Before, he also held a function of the head of Coalition Council for International Coordination in Iraq (2003), and then, a Director of Economic Policy in the interim coalition administration in Iraq, where he was responsible for, inter alia, currency reforms, the foundation of a new banking system and the supervision of economy (2003-2004).
He published over 100 academic papers chiefly devoted to the theory of money and anti-inflationary policy in the developing countries. His specialisation is applied economics and modern economic ideas. He is also a member of the Committee for Economic Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
On 10 June 2010 he was nominated by the Seym of the Republic of Poland a President of the National Bank of Poland. He held the function since 11 June 2010, after having been approved by the Seym of the Republic of Poland.
In January 2011 he was elected for a three-year cadence (and then prolonged for another three-year term in 2014) to the Steering Committee of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB). From November 2011 to October 2015 he also held a function of the Chairman of the Development Committee of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
Since June 2012 a Chariman of the Steering Committee of the Vienna Initiative 2.0, and since May 2013 - a member of the Central Bank Governance Group operating within the Bank for International Settlements in Basel (BIS).

Edwin Bendyk

Edwin Bendyk

Robert Biedroń

Robert Biedroń

Mayor Słupsk CIty

A graduate of the Faculty of Political and Social Science at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. He also graduated from the Warsaw School for Political and Social Leaders and the School of Human Rights by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. For many years he has cooperated as a consultant of several human rights organisations both in Poland and abroad. He is an initiator, co-founder and long-standing President of the Polish Campaign Against Homophobia. Since 2009 a President of the Subcarpathian Institute involved in the civil society development. On 9 October 2011 Biedroń was elected to the Sejm as a candidate of the Palikot Movement for the Gdynia and Slupsk Region receiving almost 17 K votes. A former member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and a chief rapporteur for LGBT issues. In years 2008-2016 he was a member of the Human Rights Advisory Council by the Open Society Foundation. Since 2016, a Vice-President of the Commission for Justice and Human Rights and a member of Foreign Affairs Committee. Currently, the Mayor of Słupsk. Since 2015 a member of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the European Council.

prof. Andrzej Blikle

prof. Andrzej Blikle

Academia Europaea

Professor Andrzej Blikle - an employee of the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a member of the European Academy of Sciences, a member of the Supervisory Board of "A.Blikle Sp. z o.o.” (in years 1990 - 2010, the CEO), a member of the Management Board of Family Companies Initiative, an honourable President of the Centre of Adam Smith, a member of the Polish Language Council. In 2009 he won the second place in the ranking of company leaders "Who is the business listening to?". Furthermore, the "Man of Quality of 2010" awarded by the Congress of Polish Quality Managers ISO POLAND 2011. Since 1997 he has held his own seminar devoted to TQM. He is a lecturer of numerous academic, scientific and didactic centres.

Małgorzata Bonikowska

Małgorzata Bonikowska

CEO THINKTANK Centre for Dialogue and Analysis

Holder of PhD title in Humanities. Małgorzata specialises in international relations (with special focus on the European Union) and communication in public institutions. She graduated from the Warsaw University (Italian Studies), the Paris-Sorbonne University (History and Political Science) and PWST – the National Academy of Theatre Arts (History of Culture). She also completed two post-graduate PhD programmes, of which one in Poland (Polish Academy of Sciences) and abroad. Małgorzata attended specialist studies at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), UCLA, as beneficiary of the Fulbright program. In the years 1995–1998, Małgorzata Bonikowska worked for the Polish public television channel TVP as editor and since 1998 she was head of the European Information Centre at the Office of the Information Committee of the EU. She developed and implemented a governmental programme for informing the public about Poland’s accession to the EU and created a network of Regional European Information Centres. In 2001–2008, Małgorzata was an expert in the European Committee and Head of the Information and Communication Programme of the European Commission in Poland and later in Bulgaria. Since 1997, she has pursued a career in teaching and research as an academic teacher and advisor to governmental institutions. She has published over 80 pieces and a number of books. Małgorzata Bonikowska has served as tutor for over 100 BA, MA and PhD theses.



1st day 15 XI
  • Main Hall
  • Inauguration
  • prof. Jacek Majchrowski – Mayor of Krakow

  • Jacek Krupa – the Marshall of the Malopolskie Voivodeship

  • Jarosław Gowin – PhD, Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Science and Higher Education

  • "Polish economy in insecure world"

    prof. Marek Belka - PhD, President of the National Bank of Poland, former Prime Minister

  • "Cracow in the European core"

    prof. Jacek Purchla - PhD – the University of Economics in Krakow, Director of the International Cultural Centre, Cracow

  • Break

  • ""Open Eyes Economy” as an answer to the crisis of ideas in modern economy"

    Mateusz Zmyślony - Creative Director of the OEES

  • "Open eyes economy – company’s perspective"

    Presentations (15 minutes each):
    SODEXO: Denis Machuel - Group Chief Digital Officer & Chief Executive
    UBER: Rob Khazzam- Director, Central Europe
    UNILEVER: Joe Kuruvilla VP Home and Personal Care, Central Eastern Europe
    VOX Group: Piotr Voelkel – founder of the VOX Capital Group

    prof. Salvatore Babones – PhD, University of Sydney
    Przemek Pohrybieniuk – ACCA POLAND, Director

  • Lunch

  • Firm - Idea
  • "Value for the bank vs. value for the client"

    Presentations (15 minutes each):
    ING Bank Śląski: Brunon Bartkiewicz – CEO
    Citi Handlowy: Sławomir S. Sikora – CEO
    mBank S.A.: Cezary Stypułkowski – CEO

    Maria Wiśniewska - economist, former CEO of Bank Pekao S.A.,
    Maria Demertzis - Research Fellow at Bruegel

  • "What should banks do to avoid losing their client's trust?"

    dr Krzysztof Kalicki – PhD, CEO of Deutsche Bank Polska S.A
    vs Andrzej Jakubiak – Financial Supervisory Authority

  • Break

  • "Future of capital insurance funds in Poland"

    Małgorzata Rusewicz – CEO of the Commercial Chamber of Pension Funds
    vs Marcin Zieleniecki – Undersecretary of the State in the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy

  • "Voluntary retirement savings: the value for the economy – the value for the employee"

    Presentations (15 minutes each):
    PKO BP BANKOWY PTE S.A.: Ewa Małyszko – CEO
    Nationale-Nederlanden PTE S.A.: Grzegorz Chłopek – CEO
    Aviva PTE Aviva BZ WBK S.A.: Marcin Żółtek– CEO

    prof. Wiktor Askanas– PhD, Vice-President of the Pension Fund of the New Brunswick province, adjudicator of the Canadian Tribunal of Competition and Consumers James Walsh – Policy Lead EU & International, Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association

  • "Pianohooligan and Guests" concert

  • Q&A sessions
  • Denis Machuel, Rob Khazzam, Joe Kuruvilla, Piotr Voelkel, Salvatore Babones, Przemek Pohrybieniuk

  • PhD Krzysztof Kalicki, Andrzej Jakubiak

  • Brunon Bartkiewicz, Sławomir S. Sikora, Cezary Stypułkowski, Maria Wiśniewska, Maria Demertzis

  • "What to expect from start-ups?"

    Jadwiga Emilewicz - Undersecretary in Ministry of Development
    vs Wojciech Burkot – CTO Marketplaces in Allegro Group

  • Prezentacje:
    Jarosław Królewski – Synerise S.A.
    Tomasz Motyl - Innovation Lab, Alior Bank
    Jakub Turowski - Head of Public Policy for Poland & Baltics w Facebook

    Jadwiga Emilewicz - Undersecretary in Ministry of Development;
    Bartosz Józefowski–Krakow Technology Park;
    Kamil Stanuch – founder of KoalaMetrics Sp. z o.o.

  • "Startupy: be pround or ashamed?"

    Bartosz Gola – SpeedUp Group Poznań vs Edwin Bendyk - "Polityka" Magazine

  • "How building relations with customers influence the corporation innovativeness?"

    Mirosław Janik – CEO, Wincor Nixdorf
    Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni- Valeo Group Corporate Vice-President, Sustainable Development and External Affairs
    Magnus Persson Executive Vice President Business Development at Skanska S.A.

    prof.Piotr D. Moncarz – PhD, Stanford University,
    Roman Młodkowski - Onet Group

  • "Teal organization in XXI century - management without hierarchy"

    Tomasz Misztal – CEO of KAMSOFT Podlasie sp. z o. o.
    Łukasz Kaliciński – founder and owner of NOTJUSTSHOP
    Jan Dirk Hogendoorn, Frank Fondse – Finex, Dutch company

    Zdzisław Kolmaga – couch, Leance company,
    prof. Andrzej Blikle – PhD, Academia Europaea

2nd day 16 XI
  • Main Hall
  • International Order: Between Values and Interests
  • "International Order: Between Values and Interests"

    Adam Daniel Rotfeld - former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

  • "Geopolitical challenges to the West: 2017 and beyond"

    Ian Brzezinski - Senior Fellow Brent Scowcroft Centre on International Security Atlantic Council, APAC member

  • "International financial markets after a heart attack – from financial euphoria to economic order"

    Paul H. Dembinski – Director of the Observatoire de la Finance at Geneve

  • "The future of Europe"

    Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz –former Prime Minister vs other person tbt

  • "How can Europe face the refugee crisis?"

    prof. Danuta Hübner – PhD, Member of the European Parliament vs Ana de Palacio – Member of the Council of State of Spain

  • Break

  • Brand - Culture
  • "Brand - Culture"

    Paweł Potoroczyn – former Director of the Institute of Adam Mickiewicz

  • "Brand = Culture, Culture = Brand"

    Presentations (15 minutes each):
    IKEA: Natalia Hahn – Deputy Sustainability Manager, IKEA Retail, Sweden
    SUHAB: José Ignacio Nuño – Director and founder of a Mexican enterprise – Suhab
    Festivals Edinburgh: Faith Liddell – former Director, Visiting Professor at the Centre for Cultural Relations at the University of Edinburgh

    Zuzanna Skalska – Head of Trends, 360inspiration;
    Małgorzata Bonikowska CEO, THINKTANK - Centre for dialogue and analysis

  • Lunch break

  • "Cyber security. Open eyes to trust, control, freedom and accessibility"

    Presentation (15 minutes each):
    Bank Pekao SA: Adam Niewiński – Vice President of the Board
    Greenberg Traurig: Jarosław Grzesiak – Managing Partner, counsellor
    Palo Alto Networks: Daniel Kollberg – Vice President, Northern, Eastern Europe

    Mieczysław Groszek – Vice President of Polish Bank Association;
    Sławomir Lachowski - Founder of mBank, former CEO of BRE Bank and FM Bank PBP S.A.

  • Break

  • City-Idea
  • "Inclusive City"

    prof. Akiko Okabe – PhD, architect, University of Tokyo

  • "Home of Open Eyes – the ICE"

    Krzysztof Ingarden - PhD Eng – the designer of ICE KRAKOW Congress Centre

  • "Revitalization of urban public space through art"

    Jarosław Kozakiewicz- artist, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

  • "City - Idea"

    Presentations (15 minutes each):
    Poznań: Jacek Jaśkowiak – Mayor
    Łódź: Hanna Zdanowska – Mayor
    Lublin: Krzysztof Żuk – Mayor

    Holger Magel – Honourable President of the International Federation of Surveyors, CEO of the Bavarian Academy of Rural Areas Development
    Szymon Radziszewicz - founder and CEO, Crito Consulting, New York Uniwersity

  • "Krakow – the city of ambitions"

    Charles Landry - urbanist, writer

  • "Substantive summary of the OEES 2016"

    prof. Jerzy Hausner - PhD - Chairman of the OEES Programme Council

  • "Waglewski and friends" concert

  • Q&A sessions
  • Adam Daniel Rotfeld, Ian Brzezinski, Paul H. Dembinski

  • Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, PhD Danuta Hübner, Ana de Palacio

  • Paweł Potoroczyn, Natalia Hahn, José Ignacio Nuño, Faith Liddell, Zuzanna Skalska, Małgorzata Bonikowska

  • Jarosław Grzesiak, Adam Niewiński,Daniel Kollberg, Mieczysław Groszek, Sławomir Lachowski

  • "Desing of urban space"

    Eindhoven experiences: Cees Donkers - QASE urban studio
    Kraków experiences: Katarzyna Olesiak - Director, Culture and National Heritage Departure
    Examples of Iwano- Frankowska i Miszkolca: Katarzyna Dorda - Director, Culture and National Heritage Departure
    Gorzów Wielkopolski experiences: Jacek Wójcicki - Mayor of city

    Czesława Frejlich – Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow
    Hugh Droogh – CEO, RDH Architekci Urbaniści Sp. z o.o.
    Katrzyna Dorda

  • "Circular urban economy"

    Robert Biedroń – Mayor of Słupsk,
    Saskia Müller - Amsterdam Smart City, programme manager
    Mikael Lemström - Fortum Power and Heat Poland Sp. z o.o, CEO

    dr hab. Joanna Kulczycka AGH University of Science and Technology,
    other person tbt

  • "Cybersatefy – problem of all of us"

    Katarzyna Majewska – Member of the Board, City Handlowy
    other presentations tbt

    Aleksander Poniewierski – Partner, EMEIA Advisory Centre IoT/OT Leader
    Katarzyna Szymielewicz – CEO, Panoptykon Foundation

  • "How did the information become gold again?"

    Łukasz Lipiński - Analitics Director, Polityka Insight

  • "Without new regulations traditional media will die"

    Marcin Olender Google vs. Jerzy Baczyński*, Polityka

  • "How to make money on information in the digital era"

    Vadim Makarenko, Agora
    Tomáš Bella*, Denník N
    Tomasz Machała, WP

    Róża Thun* - European Parliment; Paweł Szefernaker* - Prime Minister's Office

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