OEES 2016

The Open Eyes Economy Summit is an uncompromising venture. We point out that it is high time to replace the economy of greediness with the economy of values. It teaches us that we should be aware that economy is not an autonomous being, alienated from community life, but it remains its integral part. We promote the idea of transparent relations between the business entities and public life institutions that facilitate the care for the common good. We support innovation and practice looking through blue glasses that strengthen the impact of our open-minded insight.





A fundamental book for anybody who wishes to understand the idea. You will find here a brief yet exhaustive coverage of the OEES theory, the explanation of crucial concepts such as Firm-Idea, Brand-Culture or City-Idea. Furthermore, it presents charts, diagrams and case studies that will not only help you understand the Economy of Values but also may become inspiration for economic, political or simply private individual business ventures.


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