Program 2016

1st day 15 XI
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  • Main Hall
  • Inauguration
  • prof. Jacek Majchrowski – Mayor of Krakow

  • Jacek Krupa – the Marshall of the Malopolskie Voivodeship

  • "Smart city - from the inteligent technologies to the smart cities"

    Jarosław Gowin – PhD, Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Science and Higher Education

  • "Polish economy in insecure world"

    prof. Marek Belka - PhD, President of the National Bank of Poland, former Prime Minister

  • "Cracow in the European core"

    prof. Jacek Purchla - PhD – the University of Economics in Krakow, Director of the International Cultural Centre, Cracow

  • Break

  • "The future of the market economy"

    prof. dr hab. Jerzy Hausner – Department of Public Economy and Administraction, Cracow Univeristy of Economics, Chairman of the OEES Programme Committee
    Mateusz Zmyślony - Creative Director of the OEES

  • "Open eyes economy – company’s perspective"

    Presentations (15 minutes each):
    SODEXO: Denis Machuel - Member of the Group Executive Committee
    UBER: Rob Khazzam - Director, Central Europe
    UNILEVER: Joe Kuruvilla - VP Home and Personal Care, Central Eastern Europe
    VOX Group: Piotr Voelkel – Founder of the VOX Group, co-founder of SWPS Univeristy

    prof. Salvatore Babones – PhD, University of Sydney
    Przemek Pohrybieniuk – ACCA POLAND, Director

  • Lunch

  • Firm - Idea
  • "Value for the bank vs. value for the client"

    Presentations (15 minutes each):
    ING Bank Śląski: Brunon Bartkiewicz – CEO
    Citi Handlowy: Sławomir S. Sikora – CEO
    mBank S.A.: Cezary Stypułkowski – CEO

    Maria Wiśniewska - economist, sociologist, Warsaw University; former CEO of Bank Pekao S.A.,
    Maria Demertzis - Research Fellow at Bruegel

  • "What should banks do to avoid losing their client's trust?"

    dr Krzysztof Kalicki – PhD, CEO of Deutsche Bank Polska S.A
    vs Andrzej Jakubiak – Financial Supervisory Authority

  • Break

  • "Future of capital insurance funds in Poland"

    Małgorzata Rusewicz – CEO of the Commercial Chamber of Pension Funds
    vs Antoni Kolek – Director of the ZUS CEO's Office

  • "Voluntary retirement savings: the value for the economy – the value for the employee"

    Presentations (15 minutes each):
    PKO BP BANKOWY PTE S.A.: Ewa Małyszko – CEO
    Nationale-Nederlanden PTE S.A.: Grzegorz Chłopek – CEO
    Aviva PTE Aviva BZ WBK S.A.: Michał Herbich– CEO

    Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak –Former Undersecretary of State in the Polsih Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
    prof. Wiktor Askanas– PhD, Vice-President of the Pension Fund of the New Brunswick province, Adjudicator of the Canadian Tribunal of Competition and Consumers
    James Walsh – Policy Lead EU & International, Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association

  • Concert: Pianohooligan & Guests

  • Q&A sessions
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    Denis Machuel, Rob Khazzam, Joe Kuruvilla, Piotr Voelkel, Salvatore Babones, Przemek Pohrybieniuk
    Moderator: Mateusz Pawlak

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    dr hab Krzysztof Kalicki, Andrzej Jakubiak, Brunon Bartkiewicz, Sławomir S. Sikora, Cezary Stypułkowski, dr Maria Wiśniewska, Maria Demertzis
    Moderator: Filip Kowalik

  • "Introduction Start-ups vs corporations – who needs who?"

    Wojciech Burkot – Business Angel, start-up's advisor

  • " Start-ups vs corporations – who needs who?"

    Jarosław Królewski – Synerise S.A., AGH University of Science and Technology
    Igor Zacharjasz - Startups and Ecosystem Leader in Alior Bank
    Jakub Turowski - Head of Public Policy for Poland & Baltics w Facebook

    Bartosz Józefowski - Krakow Technology Park,
    Kamil Stanuch - founder of KoalaMetrics Sp. z o.o.

  • "Startupy: be pround or ashamed?"

    Bartosz Gola – SpeedUp Group Poznań
    vs Edwin Bendyk - "Polityka" Magazine

  • "Teal organization in XXI century - management without hierarchy"

    Tomasz Misztal – CEO of KAMSOFT Podlasie sp. z o. o.
    Łukasz Kaliciński – founder and owner of NOTJUSTSHOP
    Jan Dirk Hogendoorn, Frank Fondse – Finex, Dutch company

    Zdzisław Kolmaga – couch, Leance company,
    prof. Andrzej Blikle – member, founder and honorary president of Inicjatywa Firm Rodzinnych

  • ""Kultura prawna organizacji""

    professor Mieczysław Pasowicz – MD PhD, Innovative Medicine Institute
    Aldona Pietrzak – Gessel Legal Advisors Office
    Rafał Holanowski – CEO, Supra Brokers SA
    Piotr Biernacki – V-ce President of the Board, Polish Association of Listed Companies
    Krzysztof Pakoński – PhD, General Auditor, Krakow City Hall
    Piotr Welenc – Director of Market Development, GRC Wolters Kluwer S.A.

  • "How building relations with customers influence the corporation innovativeness?"

    Mirosław Janik – CEO, Wincor Nixdorf
    Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni- Valeo Group Corporate Vice-President, Sustainable Development and External Affairs
    Magnus Persson Executive Vice President Business Development at Skanska S.A.

    Piotr D. Moncarz – Adjunct Professor, University of Stanford, Chairman, US-Polish Trade Council
    Roman Młodkowski - Onet Group

2nd day 16 XI
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  • Main Hall
  • International Order: Between Values and Interests
  • "International Order: Between Values and Interests"

    Adam Daniel Rotfeld - former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

  • "Geopolitical challenges to the West: 2017 and beyond"

    Ian Brzezinski - Senior Fellow Brent Scowcroft Centre on International Security Atlantic Council, APAC member

  • "International financial markets after a heart attack – from financial euphoria to economic order"

    Paul H. Dembinski – Director of the Observatoire de la Finance at Geneve

  • "The future of Europe"

    Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz –former Prime Minister

  • "How can Europe face the refugee crisis?"

    prof. Danuta Hübner – PhD, Member of the European Parliament
    vs Ana Palacio – Member of the Council of State of Spain

  • Break

  • Brand - Culture
  • "Brand - Culture"

    Paweł Potoroczyn – former Director of Adam Mickiewicz Institute, SWPS University

  • "Brand = Culture, Culture = Brand"

    Presentations (15 minutes each):
    IKEA: Natalia Hahn – Deputy Sustainability Manager, IKEA Retail, Sweden
    SUHAB: José Ignacio Nuño – Director and founder of a Mexican enterprise – Suhab
    Festivals Edinburgh: Faith Liddell – former Director, Visiting Professor at the Centre for Cultural Relations at the University of Edinburgh

    Zuzanna Skalska – Head of Trends, 360inspiration;
    Małgorzata Bonikowska CEO, THINKTANK - Centre for dialogue and analysis

  • Lunch break

  • "Cybersafety and company - customer relations"

    Presentation (15 minutes each):
    Bank Pekao SA: Adam Niewiński – Vice President of the Board
    Greenberg Traurig: Jarosław Grzesiak – Managing Partner, counsellor
    Palo Alto Networks: Daniel Kollberg – Vice President, Northern, Eastern Europe

    Mieczysław Groszek – Vice President of Polish Bank Association;
    Katarzyna Szymielewicz – CEO, Panoptykon Foundation
    Mariusz Zarzycki - Director of the IT Advisory Department, EY

  • Break

  • City-Idea
  • "Inclusive City"

    prof. Akiko Okabe – PhD, architect, University of Tokyo

  • "Home of Open Eyes – the ICE"

    Krzysztof Ingarden - PhD Eng – the designer of ICE KRAKOW Congress Centre

  • "Revitalization of urban public space through art"

    Jarosław Kozakiewicz - artist, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

  • "City - Idea"

    Presentations (15 minutes each):
    Poznań: Jacek Jaśkowiak – Mayor
    Łódź: Hanna Zdanowska – Mayor
    Lublin: Krzysztof Żuk – Mayor

    prof. Holger Magel – Honorary President of International Federation of Surveyors, Spokesman of Working Group of German Academies for Rural Areas
    Szymon Radziszewicz – Crito Consulting founder, advisor in Afghanistan Ministry of Finances, New York University

  • "Krakow – the city of ambitions"

    Charles Landry - urbanist, writer, Director and co-funder of Comedia

  • "Summary of the OEES 2016"

    prof. Jerzy Hausner - PhD - Chairman of the OEES Programme Council

  • Concert: Waglewski+

  • Q&A sessions
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    Adam Daniel Rotfeld, Ian Brzezinski, Paul H. Dembinski, Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, prof. dr hab. Danuta Hübner, Ana Palacio
    Moderator: Michał Kobosko

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    Natalia Hahn, José Ignacio Nuño, Faith Liddell, Zuzanna Skalska, Paweł Potoroczyn
    Moderator: Michał Kobosko

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    Daniel Kollberg, Jarosław Grzesiak, Adam Niewiński, Mieczysław Groszek, Mariusz Zarzycki
    Moderator: Michał Niewiadomski

  • "Desing of urban space"

    Eindhoven experiences: Cees Donkers - QASE urban studio
    Experiences of Iwano Frankiwsk and Miskolc: Katarzyna Dorda - Director, Culture and National Heritage Departure
    Kraków experiences: Katarzyna Olesiak - Director, Culture and National Heritage Departure
    Gorzów Wielkopolski experiences: Jacek Wójcicki - Mayor of city
    Doświadczenia Warbud SA: Grzegorz Koprowski – Director for South Region

    Czesława Frejlich – Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow
    Huub Droogh – CEO, RDH Architekci Urbaniści Sp. z o.o.

  • "Circular urban economy"

    Robert Biedroń – Mayor of Słupsk,
    Peter Dortwegt - Quartermaster Manifesto Circular Buiksloterham- Amsterdam
    Mikael Lemström - P Production, City Solutions, Fortum
    Henryk Kultys -CEO and Director, Krakow City Cleaning Entrepreneurship

    Joanna Kulczycka – PhD AGH University of Science and Technology
    Aneta Wilmańska - former Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Environment

  • "Cybersafety – problem of all of us"

    Katarzyna Majewska – Member of the Board, Citi Handlowy
    Tomasz Matuła – Orange Poland IT Operations Branch Director
    Rafał Jaczyński – Cybersafety Centre Leader, Central Europe, PwC

    Józef Sulwiński - Leader of IT Group, EY
    Patryk Gęborys - Vice President of Cybersafety Centre Leader, Central Europe, PwC

  • "How did the information become gold again?"

    Łukasz Lipiński - Analitics Director, Polityka Insight

  • "Will the new regulations help traditional media survive?"

    Bogusław Chrabota - editor-in-chief Rzeczpospolita vs Marcin Olender - Public Policy and Government Relations Manager, Google

  • "How to make money on information in the digital era?"

    Vadim Makarenko - Department Director, BIQ Data, Agora
    Tomáš Bella - Executive Board Member, Denník N
    Tomasz Machała - Managing Director, News and Business Department, Wirtualna Polska

    Justyna Jasiewicz - PhD, University of Warsaw

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