Polish-Dutch Partnership Building, on innovative water solutions

Polish-Dutch Partnership Building, on innovative water solutions

“Polish-Dutch Partnership Building, on innovative water solutions”.

June 13, 2018, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands


For the second time this year the Open Eyes Economy will be present outside Poland. On June 13th we will go to Zoetermeer in the Netherlands where we will focus on building Polsih-Dutch Partnership and we will talk about innovative solutions regarding water treatment as a part of the City-Idea concept.

The scope and complexity of todays’ globalised water issues extend beyond national and regional boundaries and therefore cannot be adequately addressed from a single perspective. Partnerships that enable smart international cooperation for thinking-up intelligent, out-of-the-box solutions are crucial in tackling these large scale challenges.

This joint initiative of Dutch and Polish partners focuses on contemporary issues in water production and waste water management. Through presentations of specific cases outlining challenges and common problems, workshop participants will have a chance to reflect on their own solutions to these problems and mirror them with others looking for most innovative and efficient approaches. The topics include: greener and cheaper waste water treatment, keeping water production at affordable prices, and water as a social value.


We will discuss three cases:


  1. Management of sludge from wastewater treatment plants as a social problem.
  2. The new conditions for development of water supply system – case of Krakow
  3. Social value of water in the blue-green city of Wrocław (Poland)


Among the speakers:


  • prof. Jerzy Hausner, University of Economics in Kraków, Chairman of the Open Eyes Economy Summit Program Council
  • prof. Zbigniew Kundzewicz, Polish Academy of Science
  • prof. Janusz Zaleski, Wrocław Regional Development Agency
  • Paweł Chudziński, PhD, CEO Aquanet, Poznań
  • Piotr Ziętara, CEO Kraków Waterworks
  • Krzysztof Głuc, PhD, University of Economics in Kraków
  • Dorota Jopek, PhD, University of Economics in Kraków

The event is co-organized by Netherland Warter Partnership, The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland and Envaqua.



The seminar is a part of the “OEES on Tour” cycle as a build-up for the Open Eyes Economy Summit 2018, which will be held on November 20-21 in Krakow.

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