Data: The New Source of Power Polish-Dutch Partnerships on Innovative Solutions in ICT

Zernike Conference Room, High Tech Campus Eindhoven
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Data are the most important source of competitive advantage in modern business. In the past, this role played natural resources, land or capital. In the knowledge economy data are even more important than algorithms or other kinds of intellectual property. However, there are many dangers, too. First of all, several of the biggest corporations are able to collect enormous database. It is very hard to run in this competition – for small and medium entities or even for a state.

But, on the other hand, there are many start-ups, which find they very own unique method of value creation. They base on co-creation mechanisms (which are described in the Firm as an Idea concept). This approach gives them a chance to establish horizontal forms of cooperation, where they are able to gather and use data in a very efficient way. Moreover, they use their very flexible skills in the creation of user experience which base on great examples of design-thinking approach implementation.


It is very important to encourage SME to establish and develop such forms of collaboration. Additionally, it is desired to ask the questions which part of databases should be common. It is a matter of bottom-up coordination mechanisms, which could make a huge difference from the municipal and regional perspective. These are the main goals of the seminar. Results of this meeting could be visible from both enterprise and public perspective.


The seminar is addressed to the companies, local authorities, governmental agencies, and private clients who are interested in cooperation with Polish SME working in the IT sector.

  • deal with digital media buying, leading online advertising campaign and providing graphic design services.
  • provide services in the area of designing and producing eco-products energized with solar energy for smart cities;
  • provide system protects car services from unlawful customer claims about potential car damage that occurred when the vehicle was serviced;
  • create innovative IT projects in the area of Blockchain and IoT;
  • implement business solutions in the field of speech technology and natural language processing;
  • design intelligent, user-friendly products to make things easier and more exciting as an app allows users to be located in the indoor space or an app find players and places to play board games all around the city;
  • plan comprehensive service and implementation of events, both large-format, business, scientific conferences, as well as smaller local events.



Block 1: Information – The importance of Data

Data - a peculiar and crucial intangible asset - introduction lecture Fair use of data in business - panel discussion

Block 2: Practice: The IT sector in practice

Possibilities in the Netherlands Possibilities in Poland

Block 3: Interactive – Let’s work together!

Polish and Dutch companies meetings – SPEED-DATING formula

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Zernike Conference Room, High Tech Campus Eindhoven