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CITY LAB is a platform intended for cooperation of experts in city development witihin the Open Eyes Economy Hub.


It aims at linking research and analysis with implementation, and at supporting transformation processes the cities have to undergo in order to face the increasing global threats, including climate change and the consequences of global pandemic. It becomes necessary to work out new adequate forms of action and cooperation. This also refers to experts and expert circles. The importance of expert knowledge and the demand for such knowledge is on the increase and should continue to increase.

You are welcome to read three constitutive texts that begin the series of publications within the CityLab city development platform. 


Prof. Jerzy Hausner

Chair of the Open Eyes Economy Summit Programme Council

Social Space-Time as a Cognitive Category and a Category of City Development

Prof. Tomasz Komornicki

Committee for Spatial Economy and Regional Planning, Polish Academy of Sciences; Institute of Geography and Spatial Organisation, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management, UMCS, Lublin

Polish cities in the actual and potential space of flows

Prof. Tadeusz Markowski

University of Łódź

Public dimension of city space – economic approach – recommendations for urban policy in the national and local dimension

Major interests of CityLab: 


  • Cities in the space of flows
  • Social space-time and city development
  • Integrated planning of urban systems development – methodological and pragmatic aspects
  • Public dimension of urban space-time – theoretical and application-oriented approach
  • Availability of public services as a precondition of urban space competitiveness
  • Territorial justice in the urban-rural relations

CITY LAB forms part of a major intellectual movement under the mark of Open Eyes Economy Summit

If you are interested, please send us information about your readiness to participate in the newly established platform at the address: 




You are also welcome to the “Regeneration of Industrial Cities” First Internetional Congress devoted to strategic challenges facing the contemporary inudstrial agglomerations that compete internationally. 

Łódź 22-23 June 2021

For more information, visit us at: www.regeneracjamiast.pl/en