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Let’s imagine an economic congress whose formula smoothly combines the discussion on the most important issues of the modern world with the festival aura and the energy of rap slam battles. Let’s imagine networking and business know-how in the atmosphere of an intellectual adventure. Let’s imagine a place where one can meet the most recognised entrepreneurs, avant-garde artists, prominent scientists and local activists. Let’s imagine the Open Eyes Economy Summit 2019!
The OEES is an event we would like to invite you to create together with us. We are heading to the fourth edition of the OEES. We have already established the brand, the recognisability and the international reach. However, we are still looking for individuals and institutions that believe – just like us – that profits can be reached without neglecting the values: culture, corporate social responsibility, ecology and trust.

See for yourself that it is worth it!

      • the most important issues, recognised names
      • modern and exciting formula
      • tips on how to build a brand that is loved by the clients
      • differentiated and prominent forms of sponsor displays
      • creative and innovative approach to business
      • know-how, unique case studies, excellent practitioners
      • co-creating the blue revolution in economy



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