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Everything is changing, so much is happening, so we shoot, record, publish and talk. Why? Because it’s good to know and to share this knowledge well. In this section you will find materials on topics related to the OEES: magazines, books, publications, films and podcasts, to listen, read, watch and … pass on.


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In the Open Eyes Book you will find a comprehensive lecture on the theoretical foundations of the open eyes economy.


The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has been a profound test of the operational quality of our local government structures, innovation of the education sector, or capacity of our public healthcare. The team of experts from our OEE think tank chaired by Professor Jerzy Hausner performed an in-depth analysis of the situation, drafting a number of short expert opinions and recommendations published regularly on our OEES website in the form of alerts: educational, social, local government, cultural, business, economic, water, and health alert. The teamwork of representatives of various environments: scientists, academics, representatives of business, culture, or local governments, has allowed us to adopt a broad perspective of the problems pertaining to various areas of life.


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Here you will find interesting and inspiring texts on topics realted to the Open Eyes Economy.

Prof. W. Paprocki: Ecosystems of breakthrough technologies: Railways and artificial intelligence

Railways and (AI) are solutions that contemporary language defines as disruptive innovations. The implementation of both required cooperation between multiple business partners
and social forces, as well as the involvement of public authorities, and resulted in the creation of discrete

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Artykuł nr 1

Prof. Blikle: The entire economy is going down in flames and it's on us to help save it. Even our competitors deserve our support [OPINION]

Anti-competitive practices can be categorized into two distinct types. The first one has to do with unfair competition as such: smear campaigns, dumping, intellectual property theft, bribery. The other includes predatory pricing tactics: lowering prices by misleading customers, employees, contractors and the state, but also by externalizing costs to the environment...

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Here you will find other OEES publications.

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