Open Eyes Economy

The Open Eyes Economy Summit is held in a unique building designed in line with the Open Eyes Economy spirit, of an organic shape, bright interiors and a spacious foyer. The venue is situated very conveniently - it is well-communicated, with a view to the magical Old Town and Kazimierz District. Modern and multifunctional halls enable the organisation of accompanying OEES discussion panels, concerts and exhibitions.

Parking places

The unwatched, paid, two-storey and underground parking lot of the ICE Congress Centre can house even 335 vehicles. The parking lot is available to the Centre visitors from 7.00 to 18.00.


Public transport

The nearest public transport stop is merely 50 m from the building! The Rondo Grunwaldzkie bus stop can be reached by bus lines number: 101, 112, 114, 124, 144, 162, 164, 169, 173, 179, 184, 194, 219, 252, 424, 469, 484, 503