Open Eyes Book

Open Eyes Book is intended as a generator of theoretical reflection. The articles it contains are written by the prominent congress speakers and form the grounds for their speeches during each edition of the Open Eyes Economy Summit. Their works are to stimulate reflection and discourse, to form a cognitive perspective, to create a path for the economy of values and economic practice referring to it.

Discussion Papers 

Discussion Papers are subject-related publications of seminars organised as a part of the Open Eyes Economy on Tour series – events preceding and preparing to the Open Eyes Economy Summit, bringing together a wide range of people interested in the economic development.

Open Eyes Magazine

Open Eyes Magazine is a mini guide devoted to the issues and ideas related to the Open Eyes Economy. We describe the challenges faced by the modern world and show how to solve them not forgetting the values ​​we cherish – the COMPANY-IDEA, the CITY-IDEA and the BRAND-CULTURE which form the pillars of the Open Eyes Economy. The Open Eyes Magazine deals with economics, but also it refers to it in a way that is able to attract and move anyone who is keen on ​​reflection on the world around them. We show specific undertakings and activities motivated and resulting from a different, new perspective on business activities.

The thematic blocks of the Open Eyes Magazines include, as follows:

  • COMPANY-IDEA – admirable, trustworthy, responsible and socially committed companies. Enterprises that have an ambition to change the world, honestly and consciously generating real values;
  • INTERNATIONAL GOVERNANCE – the awareness of global conditions forming the system of communicating vessels, broadening the horizons, thinking about responsibility across the borders. The knowledge of what connects us and what divides us today in the international terms is necessary to understand a broader perspective;
  • BRAND-CULTURE – brands knowingly producing real culture together with their communities. Common values ​​make up an aesthetic, well-designed world where the entire society can enjoy a better life;
  • CITY-IDEA – public spaces directed to people, intelligently managed, developing in the balance with the natural environment, green, friendly and more and more self-sufficient.