5. edition Open Eyes Economy Summit
- wherever you want


OEES 2020 – at ICE Krakow and… wherever you want! 

The year 2020 is a challenge to organising conferences, congresses, and the entire range of other mass events, not only in Poland, but also worldwide. Faced with the pandemic, and caring for your comfort and safety, we have decided to modify the formula of our Congress which we had worked out over the last four years.

Fifth edition of Open Eyes Economy Summit will have a hybrid form!  

In order to assure the top quality content, but not to put our guests at risk, Open Eyes Economy Summit 5 will be a merger of the classic congress formula and the state-of-the-art virtual platform to provide you with unlimited access to the knowledge and networking that have always been the pillars of the summit.

Lectures delivered within the framework of the congress agenda will take place, as they always do, at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, but will be transmitted in real time at our online platform. This will also allow us to visit out partners’ stands, meet other participants, and talk to them. This solution will help you feel the unique OEES atmosphere everywhere in the world!

We keep monitoring the situation in Poland and globally. If the conditions allow, we will be pleased to have you at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. We will certainly follow all the safety rules, as we care about you, the organisers, the voluntary workers, and our production teams. Do not worry, if you choose to participate online at first, and then you change your mind, you can extend your ticket to the offline version without any problem.

How to sign in?

    1. We shall begin with selling tickets for the online version. If you buy one, you will be able to follow the congress online at the state-of-the-art virtual platform, using all its functionalities. You will also receive additional materials.
    2. The next step will be to launch ticket sales in the offline variant (but only if permitted and safe). Everyone who has already purchased their online ticket will be able to extend it to the offline variant.
    3. This year, we also provide free-of-charge access to a part of the online programme: all you need to do is to sign in!

Details coming soon.

In the meantime, we can certainly reveal it to you that, this year, we will talk about artificial intelligence, solidarity in the contemporary capitalism, responsibility for the environment in the Anthropocene era, sharing resources, and adaptation of the cities to climate change, as well as about innovative educational models, and that we will host 150 speakers from around the globe on our stage!

Details about this year’s programme paths can be found here: See the OEES 5 paths! , a wkrótce zdradzimy nazwiska pierwszych mówców i tematy debat.

Want to be well-informed and know ahead of others? All you need to do is to sign for a newslettera, and principally follow the OEES profiles at the social media. Details to be revealed soon!

You are already welcome to the summit of all that is the most important! See you at the OEES, either virtually or in reality!