Open Eyes Economy Summit 2020 among the best events in the Central Europe!

Open Eyes Economy Summit 2020 among the best events in the Central Europe!?

The final of the Conventa Best Event Award – the annual award for the best event in the region of New Europe, organised in Slovenia and transmitted from Ljubljana, elected the winners of this year’s edition on 21 January 2021. The winners included a laureate from Poland, Open Eyes Economy Summit 5!

Organised at Kraków’s ICE Congress Centre, the International Summit of Economy of Values obtained the first Audience Prize. But this is not the end of the successes. The November meeting of the #positivethinkers scored the second in the DIGITAL EVENTS category, becoming one of the best hybrid events and the best congress across the Central Europe last year. 

In the finals, the economy summit competed with events from Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, and Hungary. We also congratulate the other finalist from Poland, namely the Kraków Network Webinars notified by Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe.

We are proud with international achievements of the Polish event industry. They illustrate why it is worth to consistently engage in the meeting industry as a long-term investment. The ICE Congress Centre managed by Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe (KBF) plays a special role here. This is where the annual Open Eyes Economy Summit – the flag specialist event and an international showcase of Kraków takes place. Recognitions gathered by OEES in the contest strengthens Kraków’s position as a place for organising noticeable and appreciated events in this part of Europe.

Due to the pandemic, OEES 5 in 2020 took place in the hybrid formula, recording a spectacular success: it was actively participated by over 3,000 registered users and 160 speakers from over 20 countries worldwide. The platform where the Congress was transmitted reported over 100,000 views in two days.

Open Eyes Economy Summit is an annual summary of the activities of the socio-economic movement initiated in 2015 by Professor Jerzy Hausner and Mateusz Zmyślony. The Congress systematically strengthens its status of an exceptional event, legendary to some. This interdisciplinary meeting of people thinking responsibly about the socio-economic development of our civilisation is open to participants regardless of their age, or social, economic, or political status.

The Open Eyes Economy Summit is organised by the GAP Foundation, whereas the entourage and marketing are created by Eskadra. Technical services are the responsibility of the CMA event agency. The event is supported by many companies and institutions, including the Office of the City of Kraków.