Registration for OEES 5 has already begun!

Registration for OEES 5 has already begun!


This year, OEES will be available for the first time in the HYBRID formula.
With this year’s ticket, we move online! Our speakers taking part in Open Eyes Economy Summit 2020 will speak on November 17 and 18 at the stages of ICE Kraków Congress Centre, and their presentations will be transmitted in real time via the state-of-the-art virtual platform. Owing to this, OEES 5 will be everywhere you want it to be!



Online ticket. How does it work?

It’s simple!! When buying a ticket, you will receive full access to all the functions of our Internet platform. Not only will you be able to watch the presentations, but also ask questions to our speakers, participate in discussions, take part in individual Q&A sessions, and even meet OEES partners at videoconferences and live chats in a specially organised expo zone. Furthermore, this is a ticket with unlimited access! After you buy it, you will receive unlimited access to OEES 5 presentations during the Congress, as well as afterwards, and to a special networking zone to allow communication with other participants to the Congress.


Traditional ticket

By October 12, we shall decide about the possibility of selling traditional tickets and participation in the Congress held at ICE Kraków Congress Centre. The decision depends on the epidemic situation in Poland.

We have also prepared a free ticket for 10% of the OEES 5 agenda.

The jubilee edition of the Open Eyes Economy Summit is an occasion to make a part of the Congress available free of charge. About 10% of selected content from the OEES 5 agenda will be available for free during the event! All you need to do is to subscribe.


Two days, four blocks, six theme paths.

This year’s OEES is composed of four blocks: BUSINESS-IDEA, BRAND – CULTURE, CITY – IDEA, AND INTERNATIONAL GOVERNANCE. The first block will offer discussions, among others, about artificial intelligence and its limits by Polish and foreign specialists in biology, cybernetics, and philosophy. We have invited Professor of Kuzminski University, dr hab. Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska, author of many scientific publications and a specialist in artificial intelligence theory. BRAND – CULTURE will be about Anthropocene and world management. The progressing vegetable revolution in the kitchen will be presented by several guests related to gastronomy, including Basia Ritz, restaurant owner and the first Polish MasterChef. The discussion about INTERNATIONAL GOVERNANCE will certainly touch upon dilemmas related to global economy after the end of the pandemic. These issues will be talked about, among others, by Martin Raiser, World Bank Director for China, Mongolia, and Korea. We will also talk about education. New models of education will be discussed, among others, by Przemysław Staroń, winner of Global Teacher Prize 2020, while the female role in education will be presented by Helene Granqvist from Women in Film and Television International. As every year, the congress will be accompanied by artistic events within the framework of Open Eyes Festival. This time, our guests will listen to the “Entre musique et poésie” concert by Hirundo Maris.


Do not wait until the last moment! Register and take part in OEES 5!