What is OEES?

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The Open Eyes Economy is an intellectual and implementation movement that encourages us to a new, open-minded look at the economy, calls to action and inventing alternative – as compared to previously used – ways of understanding the economy which is based on values.

The International Congress of the Economy of Values, the ​​Open Eyes Economy Summit, is a melting pot of new ideas, a fusion of various horizons and a modern agora. It gathers and confronts the views of recognised politicians and social activists, scientists and students, journalists and artists. It is also a top opportunity to get to know the most important and the hottest trends in contemporary social and economic thought.


OEES is a unique economic congress where we prove that business and the economy not only can but should be based on social values. We demonstrate the real benefits to people and the environment that result from embracing sustainability and change, listening to societal needs, and innovating. We do it every year in the ICE Congress Centre in Kraków with the help of inspiring people from the world of science, economy, culture or public administration.

The Open Eyes Economy Summit means meetings with inspiring people of business, science and politics, discussions about the new economic model, intellectual battles, inspirational sessions, direct confrontations of extremely different views and an opportunity to talk to the speakers in more intimate conditions as well. We invite you to the discussion! We like listening and we want to talk; we want to inspire and be inspired. We want to create values ​​and we are open to those for whom they are also of utmost importance.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Open Eyes Economy Summit on 21-22 November 2023 in ICE Krakow and online!


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