Why us?

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The Revolution

comes in blue


OEES is the perhaps the most creative congress in Poland.


Can you imagine economy based on social values? We do not just imagine it; we take actions to make real changes for the better. We show that one can do otherwise, and profit does not need to be the supreme value in economy, business, or public life. We inspire, and propagate the latest trends, we provoke discussions.
We talk about the new economy, ecology, sustainable development, ethics, and culture. You can find all this every autumn at ICE Kraków, which is a meeting place for businesspeople and activists, artists and politicians, scientists and activists. They call us the “blue revolution”. This means something!

Quarrels are inspiring


Seems familiar? A classic conference with one boring “talking head” and crowds of delicately bored listeners. It’s not us!

The congress formula has always been lively, open, and dynamic. We have resigned from conventional discussion panels in favour of living case studies, intellectual battles inspired by slam battles, dynamic individual voices, in-depth sessions, and special sessions.
We confront points of view because we believe that nothing encourages thinking more than a discussion and clashing perspectives.

We have new records!


OEES 4 in numbers: 200 speakers from six continents and 20 countries, 3000 participants, and 55 sessions and speeches, 1150 media publications, and 130 volunteers.
Our guests included Jerzy Bralczyk, Marta Karwacka, Szymon Hołownia, Dominika Bettman, Nancy Githaiga, Alberto Acosta, and rev. Adam Boniecki. We beat our records every year, we raise the bar, we prepare an even more interesting agenda, and we surprise everyone (including ourselves).

Economy can be eco


Not only it can, it should.

The climate crisis and circular economy are topics that are dear to us, indeed. At the congress, we discuss reduction of CO2 emissions, clean energy, green cities, reduced use of plastic, recycling, and responsible fashion. We know how important this is.

We want others to know this, too.

We catch up with trends, and we create trends  


We spoke about urban gardens, fake news, or ecological transport before everyone started writing about this.

OEES inspires people, as most of our guests will confirm. If there is a revolution in artificial intelligence, and the new generation of start-ups has just joined into play, you can be sure to hear about this during the congress. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with most of the important social trends and thinking trends.

Culture as the Eye Can See!


Meetings with artists, concerts, performances, and vernissages regularly form part of OEES.

Every year, we organise the Open Eyes Festival as an event accompanying the congress. This includes discussions, film shows, artistic performances, concerts, theatre performances, and exhibitions.





We say this with a pinch of salt, but it is true.

We work throughout the year, organising various events to propagate the ideas of open eyes economy. OEE on Tour offers smaller conferences across Poland and Europe, focused on topics such as water management, relations between urban and rural areas, or the future of the labour market. At the Kraków’s Hevre club, we continue the Neighbours series devoted to the relations between Poland and its neighbouring countries. Recently, within the framework of Przystanek IDEA (IDEA Stop), we have created a space open to the bottom-up urban socio-cultural initiatives.